How to Lock/Hide Your Photos/Videos behind a Clock (Clock Photo Locker App Review)?


In this article, we are intended to provide our readers with a handful of sources of information regarding the clock of Android mobile. We will give you some tricks that will be very efficient to manage different types of activities on your phone.

For example, if you are trying to hide some photos and information on your phone from someone then these tricks will be very useful. Let us figure out how to Hide You Photos/Videos Behind a Clock by using a very useful application for androids.

Hopefully, this type of application will be a reason for a big smile on your face. So if you are feeling eager to know about all these happening things then stay tuned to the entire discussion till the end.

Process of locking or hiding photos and videos behind the phone clock

As we frequently receive a query that- “Ghadi Me Kaise Chupaye Photo Videos Ko?” You will get the appropriate answer here in this part of the ongoing discussion. So without wasting your time we can enter into the engaging part of our discussion now.

Now we will have a closer look at the process of Lock Your Photos/Videos Behind a Clock of your phone. Please follow the steps accordingly-

Step 1: You have to install a particular clock for your mobile independently for this purpose.

Step 2: For this reason, you have to open the Google Play Store at the very first stage. Search for the clock photo locker application for getting search benefits.

Step 3: You have to install this application and open it on your mobile.

Step 4: After installing this application an analog picture will be right on your screen of mobile.

Step 5: The next step is to create your password. Then you have to recreate the same password to make it confirm.

Step 6: Now you are ready to get started. You have to click on the done button for starting.

Step 7: Thereafter you have to allow the application in some permissions that it will ask from you.

Step 8: Next click on the icon of hiding that is situated on the upper portion of the screen to hide any particular video or photo.

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We are quite positive that the entire discussion is interesting to you. And It will give you the facility to hide all your important photos, videos, and documents with the help of this particular application which is super beneficial.

The people who are searching for an application that will maintain the confidentiality of their Android phone this discussion is very effective for them for sure.


How can I hide my photo in the clock?

For this purpose, several apps are quite simple to use. By pressing the “Lock” button on the app’s main screen, you can lock your phone. You can also lock your phone by opening the app, pressing the “Lock” button on the main screen, and then pushing your phone’s power button. The app will keep your photographs and videos protected.

How do I hide apps on the clock?

Clock Vault (Secret Photo & Video Locker) is a superb privacy protection program that allows you to easily conceal images and movies within a secret gallery to keep your information safe.

Which is the best app for hiding photos?

Top 5 free apps to hide photos videos on android
KeepSafe Photo Vault.
LockMyPix Photo Vault.
Calculator Photo Vault.
PhotoGuard Photo Vault.

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How do I hide pictures and videos on AppLock?

Hide your phone’s photos, videos, apps, messages, and calls by using some related applications. Unlimited and completely free hide photographs and videos from your photo gallery so that you can readily access them.

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