How to Make Spicy Enoki Mushroom Recipe (Price, Benefits) in 2022?

To Start With,

The Chinese hackberry tree (Celtis sinensis) stumps and other trees including trash, mulberry, and persimmon trees are where the mushroom typically grows. Enoki, which can be seen from September to March, is known as a winter growth due of its erratic development. Wild structures, also known as futu, fish mushrooms, winter mushrooms, winter organisms, velvet foot, velvet stem, or velvet knife, vary in shading, surface, and vileness. This article helps you know How to Make Spicy Enoki Mushroom Recipe in details. Take a look.

However, what is Enoki mushroom?

Enoki is a long, thin mushroom that grows in groups and is joined to a root. It is frequently used in Japanese cuisine and is great as a side dish, with rice, in soups or ramen, fried, or in sushi. Read: How to Make Banana Bread (Recipe) at Home in 2022?

Varieties Enoki Mushroom

On the basis of morphological considerations, researchers in 2015 identified two new varieties of F. velutipes. On the basis of evolutionary analysis, they also suggested in 2018 that the Asian enokitake, F. velutipes var. filiformis, should be classified as a new animal variety, F. filiformis. It has also been suggested that the west American variant F. velutipes var. lupinicola should be considered a separate species. The two new species will be recognised by MycoBank, Index Fungorum, and the NCBI scientific categorization tree.

Similar species

The dangerous Galerina marginata, which has earthy coloured covers and stipe, brown, corroded spores, and will typically become detached and present a ring, could be confused for the harmless mushroom. Flammulina populicola, Connopus acervatus, Gymnopus villosipes, and Gymnopus erythropus are other species that are comparable. Read Also: Corona Omicron Health Guide: Are You Struggling With Sore Throat? These Ayurvedic Tips for Quick Relief in Cold-Flu


Although Flammulina velutipes is a good edible fungus, its texture can be delicate or revolting. It’s very impossible to even consider eating the wild stipe. Ergothioneine and terpenes can be found in enokitake mushrooms.

How to store and clean Enoki Mushroom?

What’s the best way to keep enoki mushrooms fresh after purchasing them? Additionally, how should they be cleaned before cooking?

The mushrooms should be kept in the refrigerator in a paper bag (not produce drawer).

Mushrooms can breathe in a paper bag, which is the ideal storage container for them. For optimal airflow, keep them in the main section of the refrigerator rather than the produce drawer.

Rinse them off quickly to clean them. To quickly remove any soil, quickly wash the mushrooms (do not soak them as they will become soggy).

Step-by-step instruction for making Enoki mushrooms

Remove 1 inch from the mushroom bases. Rinse the mushrooms gently, then pat them dry.

Divide the enoki into six or so bundles.

A cast-iron skillet on medium heat is used to heat the oil. The mushrooms should cook for two to three minutes with frequent turning.

Cook over low heat for an additional 30 seconds after adding the teriyaki sauce and soy sauce. To taste, increase the sauces.

These tasty Enoki mushrooms can be used to top tofu steaks, add to veggie sushi rolls, or be served over sushi rice. Sesame seeds and chives are used as a garnish.

More ways to serve Enoki mushrooms

Attempt to avoid having to prepare sauteed enoki mushrooms? There are many alternative ideas that don’t require separate preparation. What you should do is:

Ramen: Add ingredients to the soup in the final minutes of simmering. Try the Vegan Mushroom Ramen, Miso Ramen, Tofu Ramen, or Easy Vegetarian Ramen.

Try them in a hot saucepan and add them immediately.

Try them uncooked in a salad with golden needle mushrooms.


What does Enoki mushroom taste like?

A mild, earthy, slightly sweet, slightly fruity flavour characterises enoki mushrooms. Fresh and briefly cooked, they have a crisp texture that gets chewier as they simmer longer. They go nicely with flavours like seaweed, miso, lemongrass, garlic, ginger, and soy sauce.

What are the benefits of eating Enoki mushroom?

Rich in antioxidants.
May slow cancer cell growth.
May support heart health.
May improve brain function.
May enhance immunity.
Versatile and delicious.

What part of Enoki mushroom do you eat?

The enoki mushrooms are grouped together with a bottom root, as you’ll see. Remove it before using them!

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