How to Make West Bengal Ration Card Online in 2022 (Apply New Ration Card)?


In this post, we will discuss the significance of the West Bengal Digital Ration Card in India. The Indian government frequently introduces new schemes for Indian people. If you want to take advantage of these programmes, you must first obtain a Ration Card, which allows you to obtain subsidised commodities as well as other government-sponsored programmes. As a whole the article is included with detailed information on How to Make West Bengal Ration Card Online. So, in this essay, we will primarily discuss the West Bengal Digital Ration Card for the year 2022 with our readers. We will also provide a step-by-step guide that will explain the application procedure, application status, and a guide to view the list of ration cards available in West Bengal for the fiscal year 2022.

WB Digital Ration Card

The Indian state of West Bengal has proposed a novel design for a West Bengal Digital Ration Card plan, which is an excellent step toward Digital India. In West Bengal, standard ration cards are being converted to digital ration cards, or residents of the state have been given the new West Bengal digital ration card. Many benefits would be provided to West Bengal citizens with the deployment of this Digital Last Ration Card, as many people will stop carrying the burden of old paper-only ration cards that are valid everywhere.

Residents of West Bengal will simply need to provide their digital ration card, which will make it very easy for them to produce the ration card at any time and from anywhere. And soon, guys a ration card is a basic legal document used to verify identity and residence. The ration card was primarily intended to obtain discounted household necessities so that everyone may benefit from government programmers.

West Bengal Digital Ration Card coupons/update

Many citizens do not yet have digital ration cards, but this is unimportant. The state administration of West Bengal has issued coupons to those who do not yet have digital ration cards. Citizens can simply obtain a coupon from their local district headquarters, BDOs (Block Development Officers), SDOs (Sub-divisional Officers), or the relevant municipality department. The West Bengal government has announced a reduced ration for the duration of the pandemic lockdown. People will be given rations for six months after the lockdown ends, at a cost of Rs.5 per kilogramme. Here’s everything you need to know about the things, including the prize:

Items        Prize
Rice        Rs. 2 per Kg
Wheat         Rs. 3 per Kg

Eligibility Guideline

  • To be eligible for the benefits of the present West Bengal digital ration card scheme, the applicant must satisfy the eligibility guidelines set forth by the carrying authorities:
  • To begin, the candidate must be a legal and true permanent resident of the state of West Bengal.
  • The applicant must not be in possession of a ration card.
  • If an applicant has already applied for a ration card and their current ration card has expired, they can apply for a new ration card under the scheme.
  • This advantageous method also allows newlyweds to apply for a new ration card.

West Bengal Digital Ration Card Apply Online

Follow the simple steps outlined below to submit your card application via the internet:

Step 1: Go to the browser and type- ‘West Bengal digital ration card apply online’.

Step 2: Select the ‘Click’ option for a Non-Subsidized Ration or conversion to a Non-Subsidized Ration card.

Step 3: Please enter a valid phone number.

Step 4: After that, select the option to Get OTP. Now please enter the OTP. To validate the number, go to the Validate tab.

Step 5: Then carefully complete the application form. Select the Show Member option. All of the information will be displayed.

Step 6: After that, applicants can enter the details of other family members by clicking the Add another Member tab.

Step 7: Finally, go to the tab Save and see application. Check all of the details. Then press the SUBMIT button at the bottom.

Step 8: A number will be assigned to your application. Save it for future reference.

For Download E Ration Card

  • Visit the West Bengal government’s food and supplies department’s official website.
  • In front of you will be the homepage.
  • You must click on the ration card in the service section on the homepage.
  • After that, select E – RATION CARD from the drop-down menu.
  • Now you must click the download e-ration card button.
  • A new page will open in front of you.
  • You must input your mobile number on this new page.
  • After that, you must click on the Get OTP button.
  • Now you must input the OTP into the appropriate box.
  • After that, you must click the verify button.
  • On your screen, an e-ration card will display.
  • To download it, you must first select the download option.


How can I get new ration card in West Bengal?

The applicant must go to the nearest ration card office in West Bengal to apply for the new digital ration card. They will give the application form to the applicant. The applicant must complete the application form with accurate information about his or her family members.

How can I make my ration card online in West Bengal?

·         Go to the official website of the food and supplies department, Government of West Bengal.
·         The home page will open before you.
·         On the homepage, you are required to click on ration card under the service section.
·         After that, you have to click on E-Ration Card.

Can we apply UP ration card online?

UP ration card application forms are available online and can be downloaded from the official portal of the Food and Civil Supplies Department of the state of Uttar Pradesh.

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