How to Online Apply for Passport in 2022 (Passport Kaise Banaye Mobile Se)?


Passport is a certificate that every person needs to get as soon as possible. Because you can use the passport as proof of your birth, proof of address and proof of identity in general. Passport is also a must if you want to travel or work anywhere outside India. However, many people are very worried when it comes to making passports. Because you have to rush a lot to get a passport. But now the process of making a passport has become much easier. Now you can make a passport in a very easy way using your mobile at home without the help of any agent. We will learn more about How to Online Apply for Passport from today’s post.

Document required for making a passport

  • Aadhar card.
  • 10th pass certificate.
  • 1500 INR (fees). No additional charges is required if you are doing it by your own.

The basic process of having a passport

If you apply for a passport online then you will be done with a few steps. After applying online you will have to go to the passport office one day and all your documents will be checked there. If all goes well then your document will be police verified. For this the police may come to your house and check your documents or you may have to go to the police station. Your passport then goes directly to your home address via post.

Step-by step process of applying passport by using mobile on 2022

So now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground, before we go to the passport office. Or how you can apply for a passport from your mobile using online medium. Then follow the steps carefully-

Step 1: To apply for a new passport, go to the Google Play Store on your mobile and download the mPassport Seva application.

Step 2: Then open a new account in this application. You will then be asked to provide some personal information like your own name, email address, date of birth etc. to open this account. Put them right here.

Step 3: Then you need to login with your user ID and enter the process of passport application.

Step 4: This will open a page in front of you where you will have to enter your personal information again. For example, your name, date of birth, whether you have ever changed your name, your place of birth, etc.

Step 5: Then you have to give information of some of your important documents here. For example, your voter ID card number, PAN card number, Aadhaar card number, etc. Except here you will be asked to provide your educational qualifications. That too must be paid properly.

Step 6: On the next page you have to give your parents here. Also, if you have any other guardian, you have to give his name. You will be asked for more details. Such as the name of your police station, your mobile number, your permanent address and the current address, whether it is one. You must provide all the information correctly here.

Step 7: You will be asked which certificate you want to submit as your identity card. You can select the identity card of your choice from the options. For example, you can select Aadhaar card if you want to submit PDF of Aadhaar card as document here.

Step 8: Then I did not look at all the details that were given properly. If all is given correctly then you click on submit option.

Step 9: After submission you will then need to go to the passport office and select an appointment date for the appointment.

Step 10: Then you will be shown the online payment options for the price that you have to pay for this work. You can choose the option according to your convenience and make online payment from here.

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So, readers, now you must have no hesitation about making your passport. Using this simplest method, you can easily apply your passport online from your mobile with the help of this good application without using any agent.


What are the documents required for passport?

·         Election Photo ID card.
·         Landline or Postpaid mobile bill.
·         Proof of Gas Connection.
·         Election Photo ID card.

Can I apply passport myself?

When you apply online, you can also download an e-Form, which you can fill out offline and then upload later. You do not need to be a registered user to download the form, but you must register in order to upload it. Please go to “Home” to apply for a passport online.

Can I get passport completely online?

In order to apply for a passport online in India, you must first register on the Passport Seva webpage and complete a few basic steps. The online experience is smooth, but you’ll need to go to a Passport Seva Kendra or a Regional Passport Office to finish the procedure after making an appointment online.

How many days will it take to get passport?

The passport is issued to the applicant within 30-45 days when a standard application is submitted, and within 7-14 days if the application is submitted using the Tatkaal mode.

Is Aadhaar card enough for passport?

For passport-related services, an Aadhaar letter/card or an e-Aadhaar (an electronically generated letter from the UIDAI website) would be recognised as Proof of Address (POA) and Proof of Photo-Identity (POI).

What is Visa passport?

A visa allows a passport holder to travel to a nation other than the one for which he or she possesses a passport. The visa is normally stamped in a passport, however it can sometimes be issued separately. PASSPORT STYLES. Indian nationals can obtain one of three types of passports from the Indian government.

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