How to Transparent Any Phone in Android (Live wallpaper -Transparent App Review)?


Nowadays everyone is busy with different experiments with mobile phones and their features. Several people regularly search for the latest apps and versions that can make their smartphones even smarter.

So, if you come into this category then this post will certainly be a great help to you. Here we will talk about Transparent Any Phone in Android.

Yes, it is now possible to get transparent and live wallpaper on your phone. Just follow the steps accordingly we are giving in the upcoming section of our discussion.

The Best Application that can help you in getting transparent and live wallpaper

Do you ever hear about Transparent Wallpaper? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? So don’t forget to try it at least once. It will make you crazy about such a live wallpaper.

There are many apps available that can fulfill your wish regarding this matter. We are suggesting downloading a very useful app named- “Transparent Live Wallpaper“. Find it at the Google Play store and get started right now.

Transparent Live Wallpaper App’s description

Translucent Live Wallpaper is an excellent live wallpaper for mobile home screens that allows you to create a transparent effect on your screen.

This is the greatest software to set as your screen wallpaper if you’ve grown tired of standard wallpapers. While strolling, use your phone, as usual, texting while seeing items behind your phone transparently on the entire screen.

You can see everything behind your phone. You can use the Transparent LiveWallpaper to launch any of your apps while seeing behind your phone or tablet.

Transparent LiveWallpaper is a mobile screen wallpaper that displays your background screen via your device’s back camera and makes it appear transparent.

This mobile wallpaper will provide you with a completely new user experience. Transparent LiveWallpaper allows you to see what’s going on behind your phone while others believe you’re on it.

This LiveWallpaper for the screen creates a transparent effect by using the device camera. Transparent LiveWallpaper will show your background screen from the back camera.

Some Exclusive Features of the App

Enjoy this fantastic, gorgeous, and extremely customizable Transparent LiveWallpaper. Transparent LiveWallpaper will display your background screen as transparent using your back camera.

Transparent living wallpaper will provide you with a completely different user experience.

Set Transparent LiveWallpaper as your mobile screen background and have a lot of fun with it.

This Transparent Live Wallpaper gives your phone or mobile screen an appealing look.

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Process of setting live and transparent wallpaper

Install App –> Open App –> Click on “Install Wallpaper” –> Click on “Set Transparent LiveWallpaper”
Install App –> Go to Home –> Menu (long press on Home screen) –> Wallpapers –> Live Wallpapers –> Choose “Transparent LiveWallpaper”


Transparent LiveWallpaper creates a transparent screen illusion by using your camera. Take advantage of this free wallpaper and have a good time.


How can I make my phone transparent?

There are several good applications available in the Google Play store that can help you to make your phone transparent.

Is there a transparent mobile phone?

No, there is such a phone. But you can customize your phone like a transparent phone with the help of some interesting apps found in the Google Play store.

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How do I make my background transparent?

Please follow the process-

Choose the image in which you wish to make transparent regions.
Select Picture Tools > Recolor > Set Transparent Color from the drop-down menu.
Click the color you wish to make transparent in the image. Observations.
Choose a photo.
Press CTRL+T at the same time.

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