Earth Energy Evolve R, India’s First Electric Cruiser, Was Launched at Cheapest Rate

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Earth Energy EV Evolve R is available in India for Rs. 1.42 Lakh as an electric cruiser bike. It is only available in one edition and is only available in the color grey. Evolve R takes a single charge of 100 km and a complete charge takes 2.5 hours.

A Brief History of Electric Cruiser Bike

A short history is mentioned here for the cruiser bike. In the style of American machines from the 1930s to the early 1960s, like those made by Harley-Davidson, Indian, Excelsior, and Henderson, a cruiser is a motorcycle. The riding posture, with the spine upright or leaning back slightly, generally positions the feet forward and the hands up.

Nowadays everything has obtained the best technical version. For this reason, cruiser bikes are now in the form of electric cruiser bike. It is the great thing about these bikes that they do not pollute the environment as can be charged and do not need any fuel. And the best part is these are now available for Indians.

Basic Information of the Earth Energy EV

The first electric cruiser bike in India, Earth Energy EV has promised to launch its new products in the coming days, and here they are. Three new two-wheeler electric cars have been launched and the brand has revealed the same on-road prices.

Price of Glyde+

The price of the most recommended electric cruiser bike, Earth Energy Glyde+ electric scooter in India is Rs 92,000, whereas it is Rs 1.30 lakh for the Evolve R cruiser. At the same time, the Evolve Z, for Rs 1.42 lakh, is a street electric motorcycle.

Availability in the stores

While the Glyde+ will be available from the end of this month in showrooms, by March-end, the Evolve Z and R models will be available.

Authorized Dealership

There are currently seven dealerships of the electric cruiser bike in Mumbai, while the total number of pan-India showrooms planned by the end of this year is 45.

Speed of the Earth Energy EV

There will also be a new company-owned outlet for the electric cruiser bike that will be coming up soon and the scooters and motorcycles will be experienced by prospective customers here. A 2.4kWh electric motor that promises a range of around 100km is powered by the Glyde+, while the top speed will be 60kmph. It has CBS and LED headlights. The Evolve Z range is 110 km per charge, while the top velocity is 95 km. As for the Evolve R, here, the same Z specs are applicable. One also gets a 40-minute fast charging capability in the latter only. The bikes get front-wheel ABS, though.

Charging and Backup of the Earth Energy EV

Speaking of charging, all these electric cruiser bikes have a battery that is not removable. The company says its dealers should set up a charging station for customers at a convenient location for their convenience. This involves taking the NoC from the building that is required. Both Glyde+ and Evolve Z will be rolled out to the B2B market as well. As far as service is concerned, the two-wheeler has to be serviced twice in the first year and then once a year later. It is claimed that the cost of the service is 30 percent lower than that of a conventional petrol vehicle. The company is targeting 10% of the EV market and will sell approximately 12,000 EVs by the end of this year.

Other features

There is a TFT dash on all three electric cruiser bikes mentioned here, with turn-by-turn navigation dialed in. There are also OTA updates that will be provided shortly for these electric two-wheelers. It is also planning a new commercial vehicle and this one will be out by the end of the second quarter.

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Earth Energy EV, the first electric cruiser bike in India, has vowed to launch its new products in the coming days- this is good news for bike lovers. The three new electric two-wheeler cars mentioned previously were introduced and the same on-road prices were disclosed by the company. So that, if you are a bike lover then go and grab the latest and unique one.

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