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Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Groups is a person of full inspirations. He doesn’t need any introduction about his life or his business achievements. Through various conferences and interviews, Ma recalls his early hardships and struggle periods and advised the young generation to embrace whatever comes in their way. It was such an inspiration for the youth that some of his motivational talks must be listened to by all. If we want to learn something from him, then we must note down some of his five rules which he shares in many interviews. We compiled some of his life-changing rules in a pointwise. Go! have it.

1. You should follow your dreams

 In my apartment where we started eighteen founders and we aim high we have a dream we say we want to make become the top 10 internet companies or websites in the world. We want to make this company for the last 102 years and we don’t know where our pay next mouth is well. When you’re poor, if you have a dream, you never feel poor you know what we are doing. So after we never say we will be we will win next year or we win tomorrow, we say we will weigh in 10-20years. 19 years passed today we are the top 10 websites coming to the competition in the world.

2. Change your thinking

Remember to change your thinking, African desert ever agree is that the ecosystem is not controlled by lions and elephants. The ecosystem is controlled by the insects in the mud. Everybody wants to be a big company, a powerful company. This century from now a good company is more important than a powerful company where you compete. I think in the past 20 years within completing with any company lots of companies in China, but I learned one thing no matter how strong an elephant is if you’re an ant if you hide well an elephant cannot kill you. You can kill the elephant if you’re in a better way it’s about your thinking.

3 Never complain 

As an entrepreneur, we never complain we make other people complain. We make our competitors complain. We never cry because if cry can solve the problems because of no problem we make competitors cry. we make those people who do not believe our dreams cry.

 4 Embrace the change

I think today, people used to worry about jobs. We think people worry about artificial intelligence. Well, don’t worry too much about that. People are improving and people working about a security elevation. But in the past five years every day, we got 300 million attacks per day, but we think the opportunity let’s learn it. Let’s learn how to do it. Solve the problems and then in the future where we got the experience to share with the others that’s the whole thing. So, I want to get encouraging everybody to look at the future. We cannot avoid we have to embrace it. We have to live it to think about the future and there are a lot of things my grandfather will never be surprised. We would be so surprised to today human being has so many jobs can be created.

5 Prove that you are worthy

I wish people can say yes to me, but if they say yes I have no choice I accept it and of course, you’re not happy, when people say no. Have a good sleep-wake up try it again. It’s always my fault, not the other people. Spot why you can convince people if you cannot prove it.

The thing is that very important there are two groups of people you have to convince. First group people your team, they believe in you they trust in you and they believe the things we agreed together and second is your customers they love your products and investors.


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