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Recently a historic deal has been signed between Reliance and Facebook, where Facebook has purchased a 9.9% stake of Reliance Jio. Amid to this Reliance Jio ventured, the major Jiomart has been launched on WhatsApp as Facebook owns the WhatsApp and now both of the companies have in a deal to work together.

Jiomart on WhatsApp available to limited cities only
Now what’s great between this deal and how will it help for the common people like us. Due to this tie-up now, an individual can avail of the groceries order through the social platform WhatsApp. The delivery is merely available on specific locations like Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Kalyan. But the talks are on and soon Jiomart will be availing of the delivery to the whole country.

Is Jiomart will be more convenient for your grocery order?
Jiomart is online to offline (O2O) e-commerce platform of Reliance which pertains to the purchasing of groceries from the local Kirana stores. So with this tie-up and a new platform, now you can easily order groceries through the social platform of WhatsApp. And by this new venture of Jiomart gonna give a tough competition to grocery delivery majors like Bigbasket and Grofers who have a stronghold in the Indian markets at every level of business.

What are the Jiomart competitor’s sayings?
Only Bigbasket and Grofers are not into the competition queue, online majors like Flipkart and Amazon will also try to kickoff Jiomart. Now let’s see how to use Jiomart to order groceries because they don’t want that their business has been hampered by the Jiomart.

How to order groceries from Jiomart through WhatsApp?
To order groceries from Jiomart through WhatsApp, first, add this WhatsApp number 8850008000 on your phone. Then type and send ‘Hi’ to their chatbox. After that a link will be received by you, then click on that link and you will be directed to the Jiomart ordering page. After that, you are asked to fill the requirements and other formalities like your address and phone number.

How you get the order at your doorsteps?
After providing your details, Jiomart will direct you to its grocery catalog items page so that you can choose what you want to order. Then choose the items and place your order. After the order is placed, you will get the confirmation of the local Kirana store and they will fetch the details of your order. After confirmation from the Kirana store, they will deliver your order to your doorstep.

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Here is the process of how to use Jiomart and WhatsApp to place your order. Have tried it from you, if not then go ahead and order it.


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