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Noida to Haridwar
Road Distance – 219 Km
By Bus – Noida to Meerut then Haridwar
Total Travel time – 5 h 44 m
By Train – Noida to Ghaziabad then Haridwar
Total Travel time – 5 h 11 m

In a bizarre trip to Haridwar, it is not a good idea to travel there by motorcycle. Why? The answer is that there are lots of reasons where one can avoid going there by bike. Well, before moving forward, it is worthy to mention that it was an adventurous trip. Let’s discuss the trip and the difficulties one by one.

Firstly, the distance between Noida to Haridwar is about 219 Km. It is not advisable to travel 200 Km by bike as the tour by bike to such a huge distance is a risk. Bike is made for short distance like within 50 Km or less than that, So avoid such a long journey as it causes risk and problem also.

Secondly, the roads of Uttrakhand are very bad in comparison to Delhi or even Noida and whole of Uttar Pradesh. A sudden change in the road pitching and construction has been seen after the end of the jurisdiction of Uttar Pradesh.  The roads of Uttrakhand are still under repair and National Highway are also reconstructed at a great level with slow speed aiming the grand occasion of Khumbh 2021 which will be held in Haridwar. Roads like this leads to several accidents in that region.

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Thirdly, traveling such a long distance by motorcycle is a big headache to anyone. One can have to sit on the bike travel hours to cover the distance that results in pain in the body and bad digestion issues. The total distance will take 5-6 hours and sitting for such a long time is a great challenge to anyone.

Lastly, the unavailability of proper food and at the proper place is another big headache for all who plan to travel by bike. The route from Noida to Ghaziabad is good, but when one can cross it and enter into Meerut and Bhagpat road, unorganized food stalls and restaurants are the last hope for good food.

It is highly advisable to travel Haridwar by train as it is safe and have at least proper food arrangements. The second option will be by bus. There are a lot of buses that operate from Old Delhi to Haridwar. One can book them online or visits their stalls to book them offline. So try to plan a happy journey in spite of a  headache journey by bike because you are going to enjoy not to take headache or harassment.


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