Plastics Ban or not? Should it justify the ban?

Plastics are the most essential thing in our life. Without plastics, the world will not be able to move on. But on the other hand, plastic is very harmful to our health. Plastics are used on a daily basis throughout life.

There are many things that are made up of plastics but the thing is that there are some advantages and disadvantages to the plastics because it contained lead and many other things which are not at all suitable for our health. Half of the thing that exists on earth is made of plastics.

Plastics are especially harmful to infants because they get attracted to glossy things and they want this plastic. These are the disadvantage of plastics. The advantages of plastic are that people use these for their daily use. If it is a ban, it will pave lots of problems for the daily users who indirectly depend on them.

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So according to me, plastics banned should not be banned because the amount of advantage produced by it is more the amount of disadvantage produced. Therefore, it seems to be nothing in this world without plastics.


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