All About Quebec Skilled Worker Program – No Job Offer-No French is Mandatory

What is QSWP?

For those who want to shift overseas for better job prospects in today’s world, North America, particularly Canada is one of the best options. As of now, there are several programs to immigrate to Canada. The Federal Skilled Worker is one of the best.

Quebec, an eastern Canadian province where people speak French, is a land of opportunities. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program(QSWP) is a special immigration program designed by the Government of Quebec and the Canadian Federal Government. Let us see what are the Quebec Skilled Worker Program Requirements and what is the Quebec Skilled Worker Program Eligibility.

Eligibility of Skilled Workers in Quebec

This is a point-based system of immigration. More the points, more the chance of being settled in Quebec.

Did you know that for immigrating to Quebec, a job offer is not mandatory? You will be glad to know that even knowing or proficiency in French in a French-speaking country is not mandatory, although both a job offer and French proficiency add brownie points as Quebec skilled worker program requirements. Let’s see what are the points to qualify for the Quebec skilled worker program eligibility.

Solo Applicant: 50 points.
Married Applicant or Applicant with Common Law Partner: 59 points.
Training: 12 points are allotted for training and the points are divided into 7 sections.
Validated Job Offer: 10 points. How many points will a candidate be given depends on the location of the job.
Language: 22 points. Since Quebec is a French speaking country, more credit points will definitely be given for French. But knowing French isn’t compulsory. Did you know not knowing French won’t hamper your application? Knowing English is mandatory here in that case.
Educational qualification: 10 points.
Age: 16 points. People between 18 to 35 are perfect for Quebec skilled worker program eligibility.

There are more credit points based on different other criteria that in total add up to a minimum of 50 points for a bachelor, and 59 points for a married person for Quebec skilled worker program requirements.

Although job offers are not mandatory they add significant value in gaining more credit points to qualify for immigration.

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Applying for QSWP

Depending upon your qualifications and criteria, the Government of Quebec and the Federal Government of Canada will first scrutinize your application form and then decide whether to grant approval to immigration. With Quebec skilled worker program eligibility, this form needs to be submitted along with the application for a residence permit to the government of Quebec.

If you have enough credit points, IRCC will complete the immigration process by approving the immigrant with the acceptance certificate, the Quebec Selection Certificate.

QSWP needs highly skilled workers because their motive behind approving immigration is to bring huge turnovers to the economy of Quebec.

Quebec skilled worker program requirements to earn easy credit points are:

Find a Job: A job offer is not mandatory here. But anybody who is employable gets a preference to apply for the immigration process. Thus QSWP prefers people from the age group of 18 to 35 because they need workers to work in their country.
Expressing interest behind Immigration: If you have enough cause to express your interest in taking QSWP, you are preferred for the certification.
Connection: If you have studied or enrolled in any course in Quebec or have visited and stayed in Quebec, it is easy to get the certification of stay.

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ARIMA Portal is the only way to apply easily for QSWP. It helps to attain even permanent residence in Quebec.

You will be happy to know that if you can demonstrate your skills through knowledge and experience, the assessment of the point grades becomes easy.


How do I become a skilled worker in Quebec?

If you have enough credit points and are worthy of employment, you can become a skilled worker in Quebec without a job offer or French proficiency.

Is it easy to get PR in Quebec?

It is easy to get permanent residence in Quebec if you have been to or stayed in Quebec or studied in Quebec before. Also if you apply through the ARIMA portal, your COPR gets transformed to permanent residence.

What is Quebec Skilled Worker Program?

Quebec Skilled Worker Program is an immigration program started for people who want to settle in Quebec and get employment that in return would bring economical turnover to Quebec.

How do I apply for QSW Program?

Through the ARIMA portal, you can apply for the QSW Program.

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