Ramzan is observed after Rajjab month of the Muslim Calendar. It is the month in which Muslim keep fast and remember his Lord. Though there is no specific time to pray or remember the Lord, but there is a time and date that fixed for prayers in order to get the maximum benefits from the Lord. This is the way our Lord created it to let us know or realized the blessings which he gave us to without any charges or demands.

In our daily life and the basic livelihood, we busy our self in such a way that we even sometime forget our Creator who bring us in this world with all his blessings and benefits that He provide us free of costs. Thus the Lord has created a way to collectively pray and praise him in the form of daily five time namaz and one month ramzan in every year based on Islamic Calendar.

Muslims believes that only when they performed righteous deeds and pleased his Lord, Lord’s angle will come and take them into the paradise. Paradise is a place which the Lord has made for the righteous people and for those who pleased the Creator by his deeds and actions throughout his life in the world.  

In the Holy month of Ramzan, Muslims performed one month roza or fast. They didn’t even drink a single drop of water throughout the day or 12 hours a day. Although people keep fast in other religions too, but only Muslims fasts for continuous one month.   


The Eid is celebrated at the end of Ramzan i.e. end of that fasts month. They distribute alms known as ‘Fitra’ as ordered by their Lord just before the Eid namaz. This is known as Eid ul Fitr by the Muslim. Muslim also eat and distribute ‘Sewaiyan’ on the Eid day.


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