Skier Rescues Man Buried In Snow during USA Snow Storm Video Goes Viral

Francis Zuber, a skier from the northwest Washington state, rescues a man from heavy snow at the Mount Baker ski resort. 15.4 million People have watched and liked the video as of right now.

Pic Source: Twitter @DeL2000/ Instagram @ian.steger

This post is included with the detailed information on the very trendy matter- USA Snow Storm Video. Know how it goes viral by different tweets.

To Start With

In Mt. Baker in northwest Washington, a skier painstakingly rescues a man who had fallen head-first into deep snow. A video of the incident has since circulated on social media.

In the opening scene of the video, a skier by the name of Francis Zuber is seen snowboarding through a deep snowfall. He assumes a man is trapped in the snow when he sees a snowboard poking out of the snow. He inquires, “You alright?” He hurriedly starts to clear the snow when he receives no response.

After a while, skier Zuber notices a man’s hand and asks him if he’s okay and can hear him. The snowboarder is finally assured that he would be freed, and the man hurriedly begins to clear the snow. After some digging, Zuber is able to reveal the man’s face and clear the snow from his mouth.

Checking the reviews

“You’re good, I see. You’re mine, “said Zuber. I’m going to help you get out when we both take a moment to gather our breath. He then picks up a shovel to totally remove the man.

The rescue video was posted to twitter by a user by the handle DeL2000 with the caption, “This man is a HERO.” On Mt. Baker in Washington, Francis Zuber can be seen using his headcam to rescue a snowboarder who is face-down in a mountain of powder. Fortunately, he saw him before almost passing him.

A snowboarder apparently got stuck in a tree well while descending Mount Baker ski area in northwest Washington, as reported by Fox News. The region around a tree where less snow accumulates is known as a tree well. Francis Zuber, a different skier, spotted him and jumped into action to save him.

Since the video was uploaded on Twitter, it has received 15.4 million views and 29.8K likes. Twitter fans praised the skier and dubbed him a hero in their comments on the video.

Final Wordings

According to Mr. Zuber, who was speaking to CBS News about the incident, “We figure he was buried somewhere between five and seven minutes; he was probably at either either a third or just the halfway point of his likely survival time in there.”

Ian Steger has been recognized as the man who was buried beneath the snow.

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