The Ultimate Revelation Of Stephen Hawking £16.3 Million Will

Stephan Hawking, the world’s prominent physicist who discovered various theories on topics like a Black Hole, Metaphysics, God particle, etc. has left behind 16.3 million pounds in a will which he signed with a thumbprint due to his motor neuron disease. Professor Hawking has left this property for his three children and three grandchildren. It was recently reported by a newspaper.

Stephan Hawking is well known for his various works and that is why he is still remembered at this crucial time of Coronavirus also.

The great physicist Hawking who died in Cambridge at the age of 76 in 2018 made his assets in a trust fund for his three children and three grandchildren. In his will, he has distributed his academic awards and medals -including 13 honorary degrees, a CBE, the US Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the companion of honor to his children.

Stephan Hawking has also given a pile of £10,000 to his close PA Judith Croasdell. This money and fortune were signed in a 13 long page will in 2007 with his thumb impression as he was suffering from motor neuron disease.

Lucy Hawking, a 49-year-old daughter of Stephen Hawking remember him and said, “As a ventilated patient, Royal Papworth was incredibly important to my father and helped him through some very difficult times. We realized that it would be at the forefront of the Covid-19 epidemic and got in touch with some of our old friends there to ask if we could help,”

What did Lucy say about current pandemic COVID19?
On the matter of current issue and deadly effect of COVID19, Stephen Hawkin’s daughter Lucy said, “After our father passed away, we returned all the medical equipment he used that belonged to the NHS but there were some items which he bought for himself. We are now passing them to the NHS in the hope they will help in the fight against Covid-19,”.

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What was the belief of Stephen Hawking?
Talking about Stephen Hawking’s belief, he was an obstinate atheist who purely believed that religion and God are the bleary pucker cage for human beings. Even he contradicted the god particle.

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