Career Counseling: Want to get the best career guidance? Quantel will help you!

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Lucky Rohilla and Rishab Garg, students from NIT (National Institute of Technology), Kurukshetra, have started a Delhi-NCR-oriented start-up that is mainly aimed to offer 1:1 mentorship and guidance regarding career pathways by experts from the industry in different types of domains.

Lucky Rohilla, a student of Kurukshetra NIT has realized that many squints like him and a large number of college pass outs dig in doubt or confusion about how they can set an excellent career pathway or what can be the best career option for them. To help them and to make their mind free from worries related to career or corporate world and bring out the confidence from their inner mind Lucky started an organization in 2019, named Quantel along with his batchmate and friend cum partner Rishabh Garg.

Quantel is a Delhi-NCR-based start-up in career counseling. The USP (Unique Selling Proportion) of this start-up is to provide one-to-one mentorship to those who seek guidance to step into the industry with confidence. This organization provides career guidance from those who are really experienced and have the proper knowledge of it. The basic aim of this start-up is to offer licit and lawful advice to the guidance seekers to achieve their desired goals.

The founders have built such a party line to provide elemental guidance, mentorship, suggestions, and information regarding the best career option according to the students’ needs. Lucky has opined that in this fast world the recent ecosystem holds immobile and the internet contents become outdated very soon as these are not crafted to fulfill an individual’s need. The founders decided to start this start-up after a long period of thinking and market research. They have also gained knowledge from their senior pass-outs who have already entered into the professional world and of course from their faculties.

Initial Challenges

The founders were searching for a path that can be helpful to address the problems or challenges faced by the students and professionals to build successful careers or get the best career option. At that time the pandemic situation come out due to COVID-19.  This situation brings several initial challenges to be good started.

  • This situation is bound to stop everyone from face-to-face conversation, interactions, and meetings. And all were forced to move towards online interactions.
  • The second challenge was to contact the best experts. Quantel was trying to make them convinced regarding their area of work and discuss the monetary offerings.

But after a few times, the founders were able to find the solutions. And their platform gained an adhesion and they started their corporate office in Faridabad. And arranged all the things properly with proper internet usage. But they believe they have a long way to go through to achieve betterment for the users of their start-up.

How does Quantel works?

Quantel started to work after contracting with some industry experts they had convinced for providing the students the education on how to choose the best career option. After hearing their approach for such an ethical job the experts readily accepted their proposal and agreed to guide the student’s proper career counseling. The mentor will hold fast the ambition and requirements of the guidance seeker. And after that will suggest the best career option for them. After this one-to-one session, the entire payment will be done by the students.

Quantel offers free seating for the guidance seekers and thereafter they will be charged from Rs 200 to Rs 1500 for each session according to their guidance criteria. And the session would be held for 30 to 40 minutes. It has been known from an interview given by Lucky that they had an investment of Rs 50,000 to start the start-up. The founders think that they are in the initial period of business development and right now they have over 50 beneficiaries. It has been known from the founders that around 10,000 students are now associated with Quantel coming from different colleges and universities of the nation.

Market Potential

Quantel has made its business policy depending on the aggregator business model. The larger portion of the charges from the students go to the experts and a bit of the portion is used for the betterment of the platform. It can be learned from the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) that over 1.5 million students become graduate each year from engineering schools, but among them not a satisfying number get proper jobs. That’s why there is a huge necessity for guidance to get the best career option.

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This discussion shows that Quantel is a wrathful start-up in India. The founders got influence by similar and experienced centers such as Lambda School, UpGrad, Masai School that are experts to help the students in building successful careers. The main goal of Quantel is to open a larger career aspirant to numerous job seekers.

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