‘Tamilrockers Latest www.tamilrockers.com Hindi Telugu’ is this search still works?

Tamilrockers, a big name in the Indian pirated world and for those who love to watch pirated movies. When you search Tamilrockers on Google, it will show you a lot of results that say this movie leaked and that movies are streaming online now, but for kind of information, all these are fake news or misleading.

According to Wikipedia, this is a name that operates on  Torrentz  in the form of magnet links and torrent files. People used to go on Torrentz and from there they went to Tamilrockers through their given links and download the pirated movies, music videos, shows, etc. free of cost. After gaining popularity, it is said that they also start their own website (which is now blocked by the Indian Government) by the same domain. The admin and other people associated with this website are arrested on 15 March 2018.

Tamil Rockers Logo Photo Source: Wikipedia

If this website is blocked and their admin and operator are arrested, how this website will now leak the film online. The answer is that, this is not leaking the film or movies, it’s fake news or misleading posts circulating on all leading websites and news websites that movies are leaked. In reality, no movies are leaked or streaming online with this name, website or on Torrentz platform also.

The reason that all websites and news websites claiming that Tamilrockers leaked the movies are that they are getting the traffic on their website by creating such misleading posts and articles. As people tend to search the Tamilrockers till now, by their search the website earn some traffic that goodwill or brand was create by Tamilrockers.

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It is advisable not to watch leaked or pirated movies online as this is illegal in the eye of the Government. It is also recommended not to search Tamilrockers as this website is not working or banned. You are misled by the name Tamilrockers to watch, download, stream movies online for free.


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