Teach English in Italy and Austria in Summer 2021

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This is a good opportunity for those who are looking to start a job in the field of language or education. Teach English is a kind of job which can be taught in the towns of Italy and Austria. The English Camp Company organized this summer camp job for 6 to 14 years old.

During this camp, students will be taught English in a fun way using games and other activities. The Camp Counselors will have the opportunity to mix with the culture of Italy and Austria through this camp.

Those who are interested to work as a Camp Counselors will have to follow these steps to apply.

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For more info and apply, click on http://www.theenglishcampcompany.com/ You can also mail to info@theenglishcampcompany.com

Note: Please be very careful while looking for jobs in abroad. Take proper info and details before applying from the employer. We do not hold any responsibility for any loss through any jobs posting through our website. For more info and safety tips please mail us at contact@indianmemoir.com


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