Today’s Wordle Answer, 408 for August 1: Check these hints and clues to get answer for today’s word game

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The Preface- Today’s Wordle Answer

Put your foot down when you’ve had enough and look at today’s Wordle answer for July 28, 2022. It’s simple to lose hope when Puzzle 404’s solution is “not found,” but when you have only six possible guesses, there’s more strategy at play than you might realize. This post is included with detailed information on Today’s Wordle Answer for 28th July, 2022. Have a look.  Read: Today’s Wordle Answer for July 28th, 2022: Puzzle 404 Hints, Clues, and Solution by NewYork Times

Rules for Wordle

There are more consonants to find even if you aren’t trying to eliminate many vowels this time. The target word itself is a touch strange, so it might not be the first thing that springs to mind. There are also a few slightly less frequent ones in there that could confuse you. We have developed some Wordle tips and clues to assist you in your search for the solution in an effort to make your task more doable. To help you with your search, we’ve also updated our ongoing list of recent solutions from the previous month. Read Also: Today’s Wordle Answer for July 26th, 2022: Puzzle 402 Hints, Clues, and Solution by NewYork Times

Clues and hints for Today’s Wordle Answer

No matter how well you prepare for a Wordle, a few bad guesses can completely derail your hopes of achieving a high score. But it’s always preferable to put your annoyances into something useful rather than stomping something under your shoe.
Here are some Wordle clues to help you start guessing so you can extend your streak for another 24 hours.  Your puzzle 408 clues are as follows:

Wordle for August 1 is “QUART

  • Go to
  • You have six tries to guess the Wordle word of the day.
  • Type in five-letter words and submit them by hitting the ‘Enter’ key on the Wordle keyboard.
  • The colour of the tiles will change once you submit them. A green tile indicates you placed the correct letter in the right spot. A yellow tile means you picked the right letter but placed it in the wrong position.

Prior Wordle responses

Check out this collection of recent Wordle solutions to learn what to avoid. Although you could use these terms to get rid of any difficult-to-remove letters, your best option is to avoid using them. Although each word in Wordle only ever appears once, there are still a huge number of possibilities.

Wordle for August 1 is “QUART

Wordle for July 31 was “CRAMP

Today’s Wordle Answer July 28th

Today’s Wordle response is Quart.

As one might anticipate, the words “stomp” and “stamp” are closely linked. In actuality, it’s a stamp variety that was originally noted somewhere around 1800. The word “stamp,” which derives from the German verb “stampfen,” which has the same meaning in both English and German, was first used much earlier, during the Middle English period.

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