Today’s Wordle Answer for 24rth August, 2022: Puzzle 431 Hints, Clues, and Solution, By NewYork Times

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The Preface- Today’s Wordle Answer

We know many readers are waiting for Today’s Wordle Answer for 24rth August, 2022. So from today’s post you will get the proper answer of today’s puzzle 431. Although sometimes the task of guessing these Wordle puzzles seems difficult, if you mention some simple strategies, the task becomes much easier. Let’s try to find the correct answer to today’s wordle puzzle by NewYork Times. For those reader friends who are looking for Today’s Wordle Answer for 24rth August, 2022, we suggest you to follow our post completely. Read: Today’s Wordle Answer for 22nd August, 2022: Puzzle 429 Hints, Clues, and Solution, By NewYork Times

Rules for Wordle Game

You need to follow some simple rules to play this popular and very interesting game named Wordle. You get only six chances to play this game out of which you have to make the right guess once. Keep in mind that you have to guess a word of five letters. You have to try to sort the correct answer by moving each letter cell from side to side. Usually your correct answer is hidden in the table given to you in the word. You have to be careful enough to find that correct answer out of six chances.

Clues and hints for Today’s Wordle Answer

Whenever you start playing this Wordle game, first thing you need to know is that you have to play it strong enough. Try to make the correct guess from the beginning. Owing to the fact that, you have only six guessing chances. Now let’s look at some clues for today’s answer. Read Also: Today’s Wordle Answer for 16th August, 2022: Puzzle 423 Hints, NYT

Clue 1:

The word in the answer has two of the same vowel adjacent to one another.

Clue 2:

The middle joint in your leg can be heard in the first three letters.

Clue 3:

The final two letters have the reverse pronunciation of live.

Prior Answers of Wordle

Now we are going to bring you the Wordle answers of the last few days. From these answers you will get a general idea of what kind of words you may have to come up with as Wordle answers here. Let’s take a look at the Wordle answers of the last two days.

  • #428 – Waste – August 21
  • #429 – Merit – August 22
  • #430 – Woven – August 23

Today’s Wordle Answer for 24rth August, 2022

The Wordle answer today is NEEDY.

A Little about Today’s Wordle Answer

Contrary to popular belief, adding the suffix “-y” to a word to indicate that it is “full of, or characterised by,” is a far older tradition. The suffix was present in Old English, where it was pronounced more like “-ig,” before the adjective needy first appeared in Middle English about the fourteenth century. The term “needy” originally referred to a person who was “full of need” and who was also poor. While this definition is still in use today, the word “needy” is also frequently used to describe a clinging, desperate person who is unduly demanding of their potential partner’s devotion.

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