Today’s Wordle Answer for July 26th, 2022: Puzzle 402 Hints, Clues, and Solution by NewYork Times

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The Preface- Today’s Wordle Answer

The Wordle answer for July 26, 2022 will help you escape if you’re in a tough place. On the surface, Puzzle 402 appears to be a straightforward work, but it has a number of aspects that could trip you up.

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Rules for Wordle

It has a repeating consonant, which is difficult to eliminate on its own. The vowel it does have is also in an unusual location for a word with only one vowel. Finally, add a few unusual letters, and you have a challenging problem that is guaranteed to stump a few players.

Additionally, highly common starting words will offer you a green letter right away with this puzzle. However, given the repeated letter, you should probably consider this as a potential false friend.

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Clues and hints for Today’s Wordle Answer

It may seem as though the walls are closing in on you as you get closer to Wordle’s maximum of six guesses. What appeared to be a simple task just a moment ago suddenly appears to be nearly impossible when you are having trouble placing vowels and just cannot narrow down the consonants.

But don’t worry, here are a few Wordle clues to put you on the right path to the answer so you can take a breather and relax your belt. Your cues include:

  • One vowel appears in the response.
  • The first and fourth positions of the word have the same consonant twice.
  • The final four letters together form a minor unit of measurement that can also be translated as “progress somewhat.”

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Today’s Wordle Answer July 26th

The Wordle answer today is cinch.

The word “cinch,” which can signify either an easy task or to tighten something with a belt, was coined by 19th-century cowboys using the Spanish word “cincha,” which signified a horse girdle (the strap that holds a saddle to a horse). Both of the word’s current popular definitions derive from its original equestrian use: either to hold anything in place, like a girdle around a horse’s belly, or to be a simple and quick task, like cinching a horse’s saddle. Since this is the end of your work for the day, why not start using these Wordle alternatives?