Today’s Wordle Answer (June 12): Puzzle 358 Hints, Clues, and Solution

The Preface- Today’s Wordle Answer

Despite the fact that it’s a more common term than most, Puzzle 358 features a few rarely seen letters that might easily leave you guessing.

You only have six guesses in Wordle to figure out each portion of a five-letter word that is hidden from view. You find either orange letters that need to be moved into the appropriate area, or green letters that are already in the right spot, as you throw out potential words from thousands of possibilities. This post is included with detailed information on the clue for Today’s Wordle Answer for 12th June, 2022. Have a Look.

We’ve designed a few clues and included a few subtle suggestions to assist you in getting everything in the right position. We’ve also updated our ever-growing list of recent solutions so you can avoid guessing.

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Clues and hints for Today’s Wordle Answer

Even though Wordle is basic, the greatest players nonetheless surge to the top. When you’re trying to come up with a guess, it sometimes feel like you’re floating in a calm pool, but other times it can feel like you’re lost in a stormy sea.
Here are a few hints that lead to today’s answer to help you get back into port.
Your cues are as follows:
There are two vowels in the solution.
In the word, the vowels are next to each other.
The last three letters spell out porridge’s major ingredient.

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Today’s Wordle Answer for June 12th, 2022

Today’s Wordle answer is float.
Given humanity’s historical association with boats, water, and all things nautical, you can assume that float is an ancient word with Middle and Old English synonyms.
It has been attested as a noun and a verb dating back to before the 1100s.
However, this does not rule out the possibility of a term acquiring new meanings over time. Anyone who has worked in a store knows what a “cash float” of change is. By combining ice cream with cola, you can make one of mankind’s greatest inventions, the ice cream float.