Today’s Wordle Answer (Puzzle 344) for 29th May – Hints and Solution

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When it comes to puzzles, Sunday is a great day, therefore here is today’s Wordle answer for May 29th. Even though we’re nearing the end of the month, the Wordles aren’t getting any easier. It’s a wit and vocabulary exam, as usual, where you guess 5 letter words until you discover out the concealed solution.

Green letters are correct letters in the correct location, whereas orange characters must be reshuffled to a new position. To assist you if you’re stuck, we’ve come up with some useful hints and clues, as well as a list of previous answers to offer you some inspiration. Follow this post for details about Today’s Wordle Answer for 29 th May. Have a look.

Clues and Hints for Today’s Wordle Answer

When you’re trying to come up with guesses, it’s easy to get stuck.

  • Here are a number of subtle indications to keep you from feeling like you’re up the creek without a paddle.
  • Your cues are as follows:
  • There are three vowels in the solution.
  • Two vowels are next to each other at the end of the response.
  • The final letter and the last three letters sound the same when spoken aloud.

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Today’s Wordle Answer May 29th

Bayou is today’s Wordle answer.

The word bayou is derived from French and refers to a flat, swampy river, lake, or body of water in general. It will come as no surprise to inhabitants of Louisiana and beyond that it refers to a flat, marshy river, lake, or body of water in general.

Bayou was first recorded in American English in the late 1700s, well before the Loisiana Purchase of 1803, when America purchased a large portion of the country’s midsection from France. If you’re not from the United States, you might have had a hard time solving this Wordle because it’s a word you’d only come across in novels and movies. However, now that you’ve conquered this problem, why don’t you try one of these wordle alternatives?