What are the Top 10 Most Useful Websites for Everyone?

What are Free Websites?

A website is a place connected to the internet that provides internet users with various facilities online.

In today’s world where everything happens online, we are dependent on different websites for work and entertainment. Internet users often look for the Top 10 Most Useful Websites that will not charge them for the services they want. Best Useful Websites which are free of cost are always on demand among users.

There are over 1.88 billion websites available on the internet. 252,000 websites are created every day.

What are the Best Free Websites available?

It is very important to list the following top 10 most useful websites and bookmark them. These are by far the best useful websites in use and are very easy to use.

1 PDF Escape

PDF Escape is a free website used to make editable PDF forms. Did you know that with this website you can fill forms directly in the PDF without downloading and printing the form from the PDF format and then filling it? Yes, it is that easy.

This is how you should use this:
Click on CREATE to create a new PDF.
Give a page count and select the size of the page.
Create a field of click on the FORM FIELD CREATION tool where you will get tools such as: Text, Text Paragraph, Checkbox, Radio, Drop Down, List Box, Reset Button and Submit Button.
Modify the size of the text box to assign an area to put the details of the form.
Download the file in PDF format and it is ready to be filled up in the PDF itself.

2 Squoosh

It is a user-friendly website that helps in photo editing by reducing the size of the image or documents without compromising the quality or the resolution of the image. Squoosh website is useful in attaching photos and documents with forms in reduced sizes and is of special help to bloggers.

3 ProComputerCourse.com

Are you looking for a professional computer course that you can access in Hindi, that too from your home? Pro ComputerCourse.com is the best website for you. You will be glad to know that they provide certificates after the completion of the course.

What courses can you do from this website?

MS Excel
MS Word
MS PowerPoint

With a feeling that of live classes the details of every course along with ratings and reviews from users of this website are available.

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4 Infogram

Infogram is one of the best useful websites that help in animated infographics. This gives a user access to free and premium templates of dashboards, sliders, and infographics just with one click of the mouse.

Dashboards are usually created on MS Excel.

5 IconFinder

IconFinder is one of the 10 most useful websites for web developers, graphic designers, and bloggers. Paid and non-paid icons of different apps and websites are available here in PNG, SVG, and other formats. You just need to download the icon for free by selecting the required size.

6 Fast.com

Fast.com helps in checking the speed of the internet connection you are using. All you have to do is be patient, refresh the page and navigate simply to check the internet speed. It also shows you the uploading and downloading speed.

7 Pixabay.com

Want to download royalty-free images and videos for your video content or any other work? Pixabay.com has to be your best destination then. All you have to do is to search for your required image and click on the free image or video and download it. These are copyrighted free images and videos and are accessible without any hassle.

Pixabay.com is not just for personal use. One can also use it for commercial purposes.

8 PIXLR.com

PIXLR.com is a photo editing website. There are 2 types of photo editors here.

  • Quick and easy graphic design
  • Advanced photo editor

With PIXLR.com, you can easily edit photos and make designs graphically. It is an editing website sharing the level of PhotoShop and has PhotoShop tools. However, certain tools here are free, while the rest are for premium users.

9 Manualslib.com

Did you know that the internet gives you a library for manuals of different gadgets? You just have to search the name of the gadget and you will have in front of you the manual of the gadget, be it a television, or a phone, laptop, computer, refrigerator, or even a TV remote. Manualslib.com is a good option.

10 JustWatch

JustWatch is a platform where you can get information about where you will find a web series or a movie. When you search for the name of a movie or a series, this website will inform you on which OTT platform the web series or the movie is available.

JustWatch also gives you information about what’s new on the OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others. You can easily stream or rent your favorite movie or web series from this website.

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Disadvantages of Free Websites

While free websites are of a lot of help, there are certain ways in which they are misused. While there are best useful websites there are dead websites and free websites that dupe users. Often they charge users, provide illegitimate content and carry out illegal activities with them.


Users have also complained about being spammed by free websites that they had tried to access. But the above listed top 10 most useful websites do not have any ill reputation of malfunction and have proved to be helpful to one and all.

What is the Most Useful Website?

Google is the Most Useful Website available on the Internet.

What are some Good Websites to Use?

Google is the most user-friendly website. Others are amazon.com, ebooks.com, YouTube.com, and others.

What is the Most Interesting Website on the Internet?

GIPHY is the Most Interesting Website on the Internet that helps you to communicate with people and get Entertainment.

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