Top 5 Social Media Platform

Social Media has become the part of our life. It plays an important role in our day to day life. People love to share their important moments, personal views, their experiences etc on this platform. It shrink the distance gap where one can sit in is room in Paris will message or call to their dear one in a remote village in India. The distance is no more a distance in the age of social media. Today we are going to discuss the top most or top 5 social media platform that changes our lives to a next level and Google is promoting them to gain more and more users in its platform.

Here are the lists which describe the social media based on their users and their popularity in the beginning era of 5G.

1. Facebook: The number one social media in this world is Facebook. Based on the users and it popularity of Facebook, its rank number one in the world. With the help of this one can connect each other as this platform is easily available throughout the world and it’s free.

2. WhatsApp: The another social media platform where one can connect each other with their loved ones. WhatsApp, owned by facebook is the second most popular social media. Its provide the options to text, chat, video chat along with sharing of the contents on its platform.

3. Instagram:  The another social media app that was owned by Facebook. It is famously known as photos sharing social media. The celebrities of the world loved to choose this app to engage with their fans.

4. Twitter:  Twitter the famous social networking service where users are allowed to post and interact with the messages known as tweets. It is widely used to provide the messages. The widely used platform to convey the messages.

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5. Youtube: The video streaming platform from Google. It is widely created by its creators. Youtube is the most used platform to watch and share the videos.

In a nutshell, it is said that people used this platform to make their daily life easy and comfortable. So be social and use it as per your need.


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