Twitter Set to Remove Legacy Blue Ticks from April 1, Pushes Blue Subscription

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Twitter has stated that blue ticks will be eliminated starting on April 1; users who want the verified checkmark must sign up for Twitter Blue. The microblogging platform revealed today via an official tweet that previous accounts’ verified badges would be eliminated on April 1. Twitter Blue users who had verified accounts will have to remove the blue checkmark from their profiles. Users must sign up for Twitter Blue in order to keep their blue tick. This post is included with the detailed facts on Twitter Set to Remove Legacy Blue Ticks from April 1. Have a look on the discussion for getting all important information.

The Twitter Blue subscription

The Twitter Blue subscription, which is available for iOS and Android at $900 per month, gives users access to the special blue checkmark that was previously only seen on the profiles of famous people and other noteworthy figures. Twitter Blue’s web subscription is 650 per month. Twitter now offers a yearly plan with discounts of up to 12%. In the US, Twitter Blue has the same price ($11 for iOS and Android, $8 for the web).

Twitter Blue Service

In 2022, a few days after Elon Musk took over Twitter, the deluxe Twitter Blue service was launched. Only public persons’ Twitter profiles- politicians, celebrities, journalists, and others- were verified in the past. Twitter Blue subscribers can now get verification badges because Musk is in the lead.

Blue users have the option to tweet up to 4,000 characters in order to create longer Quote Tweets or replies. Users will be able to submit longer movies, have better placement in chat threads, and see less commercials in addition to being able to upload longer films.

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According to Twitter, purchasing a checkmark also gives users access to features like bookmark folder creation, the ability to write lengthy tweets, edit tweets, and the option to delete tweets. The news was released shortly after the business on March 24 announced the global launch of its Blue membership service.

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