How to Update E shram Card Address (ई श्रम पर अपना वर्तमान पता अपडेट करें) in 2022?


Citizens of India are very worried about one thing these days. And that is their e-labor card. Those who have already created this card must have received a message asking them to update their address. From our article today, you will know that you can complete the task of Update Eshram Card Address online by adopting this method.

The process of updating E Shram card address

You will find complete information from this article. We also provide information on who should change this address or who should not. So let’s start our main discussion depending on Eshram Card Address Update

Step 1: When you receive this message you will be asked where you need to update this address from. You will be asked to go to website and do this. So get the answer of the question- “श्रम पर अपना वर्तमान पता अपडेट करें?”

Step 2: Readers, we need to know that we have two types of addresses. The first is the permanent address. That is where you were born and the address that is registered on your voter or Aadhaar card. The other is the current address. Where you live or work in a rented house etc. You have been asked to change the current address here. It is important to note that only individuals with current and permanent addresses are required to do so. There is no need for others to do this.

Step 3: Now when you go to the above mentioned website and search, you will see several options here. From here you have to choose the already registered option.

Step 4: You will then see that on your screen you are being asked for some information which you need to use in this update method. For example, the special number on your e-labor card, your date of birth, etc.

Step 5: Then you have to choose the update profile option. A page will then open in front of you with options for your various personal information. For example, things related to your studies, things related to your job or things related to your bank account. If you want to change any of these things, you can do so from here.

Step 6: Then a page will open in front of you where you have to enter all kinds of personal information one after the other. In particular the address you need to register well here. That means you have to enter your current address right here.

Step 7: Then you need to select the download option and download all this information. Then wait a minute and you will be contacted by e-Labor.


So readers, we hope you will benefit from this whole discussion. And you don’t have to go anywhere to change your current address. You can easily do this online from home.


How can I delete e Shram card?

Step 1: Call 14434 from your mobile phone.
Step 2: As soon as the call is received, give your name and e-shram card number.
Step 3: Now you have to request that you have registered e-shram card by mistake.
Step 4: You have to ask them to cancel or cancel the e Shram Card.

How can I change my mobile number in e Shram card?

How do I change my phone number? Or use the eSHRAM portal to register any other mobile number? You can phone the helpdesk directly, and your mobile number in the eSHRAM site will be updated after you verify your credentials. You can also update your cellphone number by going to the eSHRAM portal or your nearest CSC/ SSK.

How can I register my mobile Shram card?

·         Aadhaar number.
·         Aadhaar linked active mobile number.
·         Bank account details.
·         Age should be between 16-59 years (29-04-1962 to 28-04-2006).

How do I upload my e Shram card?

On your device, go to Second, self-register using your Aadhar-linked mobile number on the E Shram Portal

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