Vegetarian Diet Plan How To Gain Weight Fast?

Are you planning to gain weight? Do you know how to gain weight with right way? Here is a vegetarian diet plan for properly gaining weight.

When BMI (body mass index) is lower than 18.5 is called underweight for both males and females. So, they want to increase their body weight but gaining weight and gaining weight in the right way is different. If you think that you can eat anything to increase weight it’s completely wrong. It can lead to obesity and various diseases in your body.

Diet for Weight Gain

Warm water (5:30 am)

One should take a glass of warm water and drink it sitting in one place. Warm water removes toxins from the body, gives relaxation to muscles, and modifies blood circulation.

Soaked Almond (6:00 am)

Some soaked nuts and almonds should eat after drinking hot water. As a result, being eaten soaked it’s become more beneficial and easy to digest.

Workout (7:00-8:00)

After one hour you have to work out regularly. A diet will only work when you add exercise with it regularly. You can do yoga, swimming, walking for 30 minutes, shorthand exercise, etc. Work out controls our blood pressure, give us energy and protect us to store bad fat in our body.

Post Workout the Meal (8:30 am)

Banana Shake: After a workout, anyone should take a healthy meal. Banana shake is a good and healthy food which gives to needed energy. But it should make healthily. Avoid sugar and make it with full cream milk. After that add 2 bananas, add some dry fruits like almond, cashew, raisins. You can add some honey if you want to.

After Breakfast(10 am)

Do not skip your breakfast. To having you will feel healthy. Breakfast should be a heavy meal for the whole day.

Breakfast (Options- Anyone )

Staffed paratha
Idli sambar
Cheese sandwich
And tea

Fruits (noon )

After breakfast, you can intake fruits like mango, strawberry, watermelon, lemons, pineapple. Fruits fulfill your needed vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Lunch (2:00 pm)

After 2 hours you have to take a healthy lunch which carbohydrates, protein, fat should be in the right proportion. Lunch should be 500 -700 kilocalories.

Meal for Lunch

2 hand made bread or one bowl of rice
1 bowl Dal/Vegetable curry ( lentils /legumes)
Curd (full cream)

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Evening snack (5:00 pm)

After Lunch, you can have some light snacks in the evening

Tea + anyone snack

Options ( Anyone )

Pea but butter Sandwich.
Oats, cookies
Puffed Rice.
Roasted Chura

Dinner (8:00 pm)

Dinner should be the lightest metal in the whole day. You can have

Salad (must)
2 Hand Made Bread
Dal/Vegetable Curry

Post Dinner (10 pm)

If you feel still hungry after dinner, you can drink one glass of full cream milk before 30 minutes to going bed. You can add some honey or dates for taste.


If you have a craving for sweets you can eat a bar of dark chocolate. Besides if you have fatty dairy you will be benefited from sweet curd, paneer, etc. Diet should be around 1770 kilocalories.

If you maintain this diet for a month you will gain 3-5 kg. Avoid junk food and fast not take Processed food, much sugar. Avoid eating fatty red meat .leave Alcohol, and smoke.

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How can I Gain Weight in Seven Days?

Increase the calorie intake level (50-100 kcal) add 100-gram sweet curd with lunch in regular diet. Banana, mangoes, pineapple, papaya calorie increasing fruit add in diet chart.

How do Skinny People Gain Weight Fast?

Eat more healthy food. Use toppings, sausage, monies, butter, peanut butter. Take various types of protein. Eat dry fruits like nuts, raisins, cashew.

How can I Gain Weight in 15 Days?

At first, make a Diet Chart. Breakfast should in 700 kcal, Lunch 500 and Dinner should be more than 500 kcal. For Breakfast, you can eat 4 Bread with Butter and one Egg, on Lunch – 2 Parathas, one Bowl of Rice, Sweet Curd 100 gm, Vegetable Curry, Dal. In Dinner 2 Parathas or Roti, Vegetable Tossed Salad.

What Food causes Weight Gain?

Food that Causes Weight Gain are Oily food Cake, pastry, butter, sweets, cold drinks, alcohol, Fast food, Refined wheat, Canned food, and Sugar.

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