Video: ‘Atta Crossed Rs 100 per Litre in Karachi’ Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan Seen Saying This

Imran Khan, a former Pakistani prime minister, pulled a Rahul Gandhi when speaking to the country on Thursday. Imran Khan made a linguistic error when discussing the increase in prices in Pakistan.

The Slip of Tongue

Imran Khan, the leader of the PTI and the former prime minister of Pakistan, stumbled over the unit for “flour” on Wednesday during his virtual address, after Rahul Gandhi’s error. Imran Khan mentioned that atta (flour) is being sold in Karachi for 100 Rs per liter while discussing the rising inflarion in Pakistan. “When I was prime minister, flour cost 50 rupees per kilogram, but under the current administration, it costs 100 rupees each liter”- he added. Let us go through the viral news on “Atta Crossed Rs 100 per Litre in Karachi“. Have a look for details on this matter. Read: Are Coyotes Harmful or Not? Adult Attacks Are Uncommon, but Children and Animals Are Still At Risk

It’s not the 1st Incident

Like Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan’s tongue slipped. They also weighed the flour in liters. He said the dough had doubled. During our tenure, a kg of flour was Rs 50 a kg, today it is being sold above Rs 100 a liter in Karachi.

It may be noted that recently the Congress had organized a ruckus against inflation at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi. Rahul Gandhi’s tongue slipped during his address. And he said ‘Atta 22 rupees a liter’. However, he immediately rectified his mistake. But by then his statement became viral on social media. Similarly, Imran Khan’s statement is also going viral on social media. People are having fun. Read Also: Video: A Giant Rough Slide Shut Down in the US Amusement Park After Opeing, Wacth It Here

The Previous Viral Video

In the viral video, Rahul Gandhi had said that earlier flour was Rs 22 a liter, whereas now it is Rs 40 a liter. A short video of his entire address was widely shared.

Similar to this, Gandhi’s video of him mispronouncing the unit for “flour” went viral. Gandhi stated in the widely shared video, “Atta (flour) was Rs 22 per litre but it is Rs 40 per litre today.” He mistookly referred to atta as “litre” as opposed to “kg.” Aware internet users seized on the public address footage that appeared online and teased him. The Congress leader quickly corrected the error, though. He can be heard saying in the now-viral tape, “Aata, which was 22 Rupee/L is now 40 Rupee.” “Aaa.. Kg,” he quickly corrects.

Like Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan also slipped his tongue and said that flour is being sold above Rs 100 a liter in Karachi.

Mockery received by Imran Khan

Notably, Imran Khan received mockery in June after drawing comparisons between Pakistan’s severe power situation and India’s. Khan compared the recent drop in the price of gasoline and fuel in India to a power cut. He made a mistake by mixing up the units for gasoline and electricity. He criticized the Sharif government and claimed that “India lowered electricity by Rs 25 per litre.”

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