Weather Alert: Biparjoy Cyclone Strikes Arabian Sea, Coastal Regions on High Alert

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As nature unleashes its power, two significant weather systems are making their presence felt in the Indian Ocean. In the eastcentral Arabian Sea, a very severe cyclonic storm named “Biparjoy” (pronounced as “Biporjoy”) is gaining strength, while a well-marked low-pressure area hovers over the northeast Bay of Bengal. These weather developments demand attention and caution from the coastal regions. In this blog post, we will explore the latest updates, potential impacts, and necessary precautions associated with these weather phenomena.

Section 1: Very Severe Cyclonic Storm “Biparjoy” in the Arabian Sea

The Arabian Sea is currently witnessing the formation of a very severe cyclonic storm named “Biparjoy.” As of the latest update, the storm is located near latitude 15.3°N and longitude 66.9°E, approximately 740 km west of Goa, 750 km west-southwest of Mumbai, 760 km south-southwest of Porbandar, and 1070 km south of Karachi. Over the past six hours, it has been moving nearly northeastwards at a speed of 13 kmph.

1.1 Location, Movement, and Intensification:

The storm is expected to intensify further gradually over the next 36 hours. During the next 48 hours, it will likely move nearly north-northeastwards, followed by a north-northwestward direction in the subsequent three days. These projections are essential for determining the potential trajectory and impact areas.

1.2 Wind Warnings and Associated Risks:

The Indian Meteorological Department has issued wind warnings associated with the cyclonic storm. On the 9th of June, gale wind speeds are expected to reach 125-135 kmph, gusting up to 160 kmph, over the eastcentral Arabian Sea and adjoining areas of the westcentral Arabian Sea. By the night, wind speeds may increase to 145-155 kmph, gusting to 170 kmph.

The region surrounding the South Arabian Sea may experience squally wind speeds ranging from 50-60 kmph, gusting to 70 kmph. As the storm progresses, the wind speeds will fluctuate accordingly, reaching their peak intensity on specific dates mentioned in the warnings.

1.3 Sea Conditions and Precautions:

The Arabian Sea is expected to experience phenomenal sea conditions in the areas affected by the cyclonic storm. Additionally, adjoining regions may witness rough to very rough sea conditions. It is crucial to highlight the risks associated with venturing into the sea during these periods.

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1.4 Fishermen Advisory and Suspension of Fishing Operations:

To ensure the safety of fishermen, the authorities have issued specific guidelines. Fishing operations are entirely suspended over the eastcentral and adjoining westcentral Arabian Sea until the 13th of June. Similarly, fishing activities are discouraged in the north and adjoining central Arabian Sea from the 12th to the 14th of June.

Fishermen are advised against venturing into the central and north Arabian Sea during the specified dates. Along the Saurashtra & Kutch coasts, squally wind speeds ranging from 35-45 kmph, gusting to 55 kmph, are expected on the 10th of June, increasing to 50-60 kmph, gusting to 70 kmph, by the 13th and 14th of June.

Section 2: Well Marked Low Pressure Area in the Bay of Bengal

Simultaneously, the northeast Bay of Bengal is experiencing a well-marked low-pressure area, which demands attention and preparedness from coastal areas in its proximity.

2.1 Characteristics and Current Position:

The well-marked low-pressure area over the northeast Bay of Bengal persists as of the latest update. The area is under close monitoring to track any changes and provide timely information to residents and authorities.

2.2 Wind Warnings and Potential Impact:

For the northeast Bay of Bengal, squally weather conditions with wind speeds reaching 35-45 kmph, gusting to 55 kmph, are expected on the 9th and 10th of June. It is important to acknowledge the potential impact of these wind conditions on coastal areas and take necessary precautions.

2.3 Sea Conditions and Safety Measures:

The sea conditions in the northeast Bay of Bengal are expected to be rough on the 9th and 10th of June. This poses risks to maritime activities and necessitates heightened awareness among fishermen and coastal communities.

2.4 Fishermen Warning and Safety Guidelines:

Considering the risks associated with the low-pressure area, fishermen are advised against venturing into the northeast Bay of Bengal on the 9th and 10th of June. These warnings are crucial for safeguarding lives and minimizing the impact of adverse weather conditions.


As we witness the unfolding of a very severe cyclonic storm, Biparjoy, in the Arabian Sea, and a well-marked low-pressure area in the Bay of Bengal, it is crucial to prioritize safety and preparedness. The authorities are closely monitoring the developments and issuing necessary warnings to mitigate risks. It is imperative for residents, fishermen, and coastal communities to stay informed about the evolving weather conditions and adhere to the guidelines provided. Let us join hands to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone in the affected regions.

Remember, the forces of nature are powerful, but our collective efforts can help minimize the impact of these weather systems. Stay tuned for further updates and stay safe!

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