22-Foot Python Swallows Indonesian Grandmother Alive. Have a look on the story for all the details on this matter.

After investigating the area, Zahra's husband only discovered her sandals, jacket, headscarf, and knife, 

Betara Jambi Police Chief AKP Herafa said to CNN Indonesia as the incident's photos and videos circulated online.

A 52-year-old woman was apparently swallowed alive by a 22-foot-long python in Indonesia in a terrifying and hair-raising episode.

After a Twitter user published a picture of a huge snake with a bloated middle and a few men surrounding it,......

.......the incident came to light. In addition, horrific video from the incident, in which men discovered the woman's body after slicing through the enormous snake, 

The tweet now stated that the woman, Zahra, was a plantation worker in the Indonesian province of Jambi and had been missing since Sunday. 

Then her family and 300 people led a search team and discovered the snake with the bloated middle; when they cut up the protruding tummy, their worst dread materialized.

The individual continued the tweet thread by stating, "The victim, Zahara (52 years old), has been missing since Sunday (23/10)."

Her family and about 300 other villagers went in search of her. On Monday, they discovered a 6-meter-long .......

.......python snake in a nearby woodland. She was discovered inside the snake's enormous body after it was slain.