According to the Greek newspaper Kathimerini, Jack Fenton got caught in the path of the helicopter's rear rotorblade while on the island of Spata.

According to the Peania Police Department, the helicopter pilot and two ground technicians were detained on Tuesday morning on suspicion of manslaughter.

The terrible end to a lavish family vacation is being investigated, why the area around the moving blade was not guarded and why the passengers were free while the chopper was still in motion.

The Bell 407 helicopter's small rear rotor struck him in the head as he proceeded to the back, according to a senior police official who spoke to The Times of London. 

After arriving from the island of Mykonos, two privately hired helicopters carrying a group of Britons prepared to land on a helicopter pad. This is when the horrifying disaster occurred.

Fenton's parents and other friends were in a second aircraft that arrived after the first, and Fenton and his buddies were in the first chopper to land.

The second pilot quickly decided not to land after the young guy was killed and instead flew to Athens, where they were met by officials who informed them of their son's tragedy.

Fenton was a student at Oxford Brookes who had previously attended the prestigious Sutton Valence boarding school in Maidstone, Kent, according to reports in the British press.