The Outer Ring Road Companies Association wrote to Prime Minister Basavaraj Bommai claiming that Bengaluru IT Companies lost 225 crore.

They lost the amount August 30 as a result of their employees being detained in traffic for around five hours.

The letter by the enterprise claims that the ORR's subpar infrastructure has now reached a crisis point.

More than 500,000 people are employed on the section of Bengaluru's Outer Ring Road that runs from Krishnarajapuram to the Central Silk Board neighbourhood.

More than a million people are employed directly and indirectly along the 17 kilometre stretch, which is a significant contributor to the state's economy.

It is absurd that there is no effort made to build the infrastructure in this specific location in Bengaluru.

The recent breakdown of Bengaluru's infrastructure has raised concerns worldwide and casts doubt on the city's ability to expand, it claimed.

The association was concerned that if nothing changed, the businesses would look for another location.

Prime Minister Basavaraj Bommai earlier promised that all social issues will be resolved quickly during a visit to the flood-affected communities along Bengaluru's outer ring road.

 Even trespassing and property that prevents the city's stormwater drainage have been ordered to be removed by him.