After receiving a large bill, a man built his own broadband, and the US government has awarded him $2.6 million for his efforts.

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After being faced with a $50,000 (Rs 40 lakh) charge to expand web connectivity to his home, Jared Mauch built his own fibre broadband.

Mauch had become weary of paying such astronomical charges for such meagre internet speeds of 1.5 Mbps. 5 years ago, he started construction on the ISP on his property.

After the major American broadband providers refused to expand their quick networks to his neighbourhood

he said at his interview that he "had to form a telephone company to access [high-speed] Internet" at his home.

Mauch requested that Comcast extend its network to him, but they gave him a hefty quotation of $50,000. (Rs 40 lakh).

"I questioned whether it was worthwhile because the price, at $50,000, was so exorbitant, he said at his interview,

If I get nothing in return for paying them to grow their network, why would I do it? "The Daily Star cited him as having said.

It was a difficult procedure that was only made possible by Mauch's day job as a network engineer, which allowed him to start Washtenaw Fiber Properties.

Mauch initially started the business solely for himself, but soon his irate neighbours joined as well.

 the broadband network at Mauch is used by about 70 of his neighbours. Additionally, the government has just granted him funding to serve 600 more homes.