Add Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, History of 'Unsung' Freedom Fighters from NE to Textbooks. Have a look on the story for all details on this matter.

A parliamentary group proposed that school textbooks incorporate with equal emphasis the achievements of numerous........

........"unsung independence fighters" from all regions of the country, especially the northeast.

These statements were made by the panel in its report, which was presented to the Rajya Sabha on Monday. The panel also recommended that the.......

.......National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) and the department of school education under the Union ministry work together to "guarantee" the same.

The panel added that in order for the NCERT to become "required reading material," notable women personalities and ......

......their accomplishments should be included in the "main books" rather than the supplementary resources.

On Monday, the "action taken" report on the recommendations made in a report titled "Reforms in Content and Design of School Textbooks," 

 ........was presented to the Upper House last year, was turned in by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Education, 

......Women, Children, Youth, and Sports, which is chaired by BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Vivek Thakur.

The committee was established to find "un-historical facts" that were mentioned in school textbooks, to ensure that all periods of Indian history were fairly represented.