After milk, onions are now more expensive, with a 40% increase, and a cooldown in June is anticipated by November. Have a look for all details.

Onion prices have risen following a dipp in supply. The essential commodity has seen around a 60 to 80 % rise in the last week

Traders at agriculture produce Market Committee faith that the rise in onion prices will command this price kill the fresh crop arrived in the market by November first week

In the retail market the price of onions has crossed rupees 40 per kg and traders say it will increase up to rupees 50 per kg. But at the previous month it was available between rupees 15 to 25 per kg.

Ahead of the festival, the rise in onion prices will dampen the mood to some extent as the commodity is one of the important ingredients in Indian Kitchens.

The old stocks of onion are getting over and the present supply is from old stop not from farmers. That's why the buying price is around 30 to 40% higher than a fortnight ago

Several reports are coming on the farmers burn garlic and onion crop protesting against low prices. However it is expected the price will be stabilized shortly

The price will definitely stabilize only after the Rabi crops start arriving by January 2 February next year. Because Rabi onions contributes 70% of total onion production in the year

Normally agriculture produce market community receives around 142 160 truck and Tempo slattern with onions per day. Now the number is 100 to 110 trucks.

Few months ago India has experience the price raise on the dairy products like Amul. Amul and Mother Dairy raises milk prices by rupees 25 litre on select variants

Now the turn is of onions. But the farmers are expecting that in the upcoming November the price will be stabilized and the demand of onion will be balanced in the market