Joe Biden took a major step ahead of November's midterm elections, passing the climate and health care spending package through the Senate.

It is said that this bill has been published mainly for the purpose of reducing the state expenditure. At the same time, this step is to reduce the emission of green house gas.

US$ 369 billion is said to be allocated for investment in renewable energy sources. The bill will save the climate while saving the national budget at a time.

Experts have expressed the view that the bill, which was drafted between 2005 and 2030, would reduce the state's overall heat emissions by about forty percent.

Another objective of this day is to reduce the cost of Medicare for a large number of Americans. As the authority says medicare is one of the biggest expenses.

One of the provisions in the bill is to bring down the cost of health care for public assistance within $2,000.

The bill would be passed into law and would add several additional taxes to reduce the nearly $300 billion deficit.

The Senate announced that the bill would make prescription and drug costs as well as health insurance easier for American families.

According to Joe Biden, this bell was created to provide special support from the government to working or labor families.

The final vote in the US Senate was 51-50. The bill was finally published, winning the contest by a narrow one vote.

The main objective of introducing the bill is to ensure the health care of the state and at the same time reduce the possibility of inflation