The US president referred to Zawahiri's passing as a significant blow to the terrorist organisation responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

Zawahiri served as Osama bin Laden's deputy and eventual successor. In a live, broadcast speech from the White House, Biden declared that-

"justice has been served and this terrorist commander is no more." "People no longer need to be afraid of the ruthless and determined killer,"

Despite the US military's exit from Afghanistan last year, the CIA strike will be considered as evidence of the country's capacity to carry out 

"over-the-horizon" operations. However, it also sparked concerns about al-persistent Qaida's presence in the nation 

ever since the Taliban seized control again. Biden gave the strike order when? At a meeting of important cabinet members and national security officials on July 25,

the president ultimately decided to launch an attack on the safe house after careful deliberation and comprehensive inquiries.

California has declared a state of emergency for monkeypox, becoming the second state to do so in the span of three days.

Gavin Newsom, the governor of the state, stated that the declaration made yesterday would assist the state in coordinating a government-wide response

The most populous state in the country, California, follows suit with identical statements made by New York and San Francisco.