The murder conviction and death sentence given to a woman in the 2011 suffocation of her 10-year-old cousin, 

who had been punished by being placed in a plastic storage box and allowed to die, have been affirmed by the Arizona Supreme Court.

Sammantha Allen claimed that prosecutors had incorrectly suggested she was the person who killed Ame Deal

She was the one who killed Ame Deal, and Allen's husband was the only one to blame for the punishment.

The child had passed away the night before Allen and her husband, John Allen, went to bed- authorities said.

According to the court, Sammantha Allen not only neglected to help her dying relative but also took part in the punishment, 

 which is what ultimately led to Ame's death. On one of the convictions for child abuse, she will receive a new sentence.

The 10-year-death old's was the heinous conclusion of years of cruelty that several relatives inflicted on her at the house they shared in Phoenix.