Ashish Nehra or Rishi Sunak? Who The First British Prime Minister Of Indian Origin? Funniest jokes and memes Move viral

Netizens are contrasting Sunak and Nehra based on how similar their appearances are. People are humorously congratulating former cricketer Nehra on being the future prime minister of the UK.

Rishi Sunak, 42, is expected to become the first person of Indian ancestry to serve as prime minister of the United Kingdom as Hindus celebrated Diwali on Monday.

While many Indians are delighted that Rishi Sunak is creating history, some people on social media took the chance to show off their originality. 

Shortly after Rishi Sunak's challenger Penny Mordaunt withdrew from the contest to become the next UK Prime Minister, memes about him started to spread on Twitter.

Some Twitter users compared Sunak, 42, to former Team India cricketer Ashish Nehra.

They posted congratulations for Rishi Sunak using pictures of Ashish Nehra. Even some users referred to him as Nehra's brother!

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Following the news of Sunak becoming UK Prime Minister, Twitter users have been using their creative expression