Pilots lose consciousness while flying at 37,000 feet and fail to land. Now in details from the story.

Aviation Herald reported that the incident happened on Monday and that as flight ET343 neared the airport,

Air Traffic Control (ATC) sounded an alarm but did not initiate a descent. After the aircraft's autopilot detached and sounded an alarm, the crew was awakened.

The plane was successfully landed by the pilots, and it remained there for around two and a half hours before taking off for its subsequent voyage.

Data supports the occurrence, which proved that the plane had overshot the runway and was still in flight when the pilots awoke to make another approach.

'Deeply alarming occurrence at Africa's largest airline - Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 #ET343 was still at cruising altitude of 37,000ft

by the time it arrived destination Addis Ababa,' aviation by Ethiopian airways analyst Alex Macheras posted on Twitter.

He spoke of "pilot weariness," calling it "nothing new." On Monday, August 15, an Ethiopian Airlines flight failed to land.

On a flight from Sudan to Ethiopia on Monday, two pilots passed out and missed their landing, turning the worst aviation nightmares into a reality.

 Thanks to the autopilot system on the Boeing 737, which stayed activated until it sailed over its target

 Flight ET343, which was travelling from Khartoum to the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, was cruising at an altitude of 37,000 feet.