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Mops and toilet brushes are pictured hanging over pizza dough in Bengaluru. Dominos replies.

TAfter the images and video went viral, online users expressed anger and displeasure as well as a wave of caution.

According to a claim made by Twitter user Sahil Karnany, the video was apparently recorded at a Domino's location in Bengaluru.

Online users expressed indignation and displeasure in addition to a wave of caution as a result. Criticism is overflowing following the viral . 

Sahil posted pictures and videos of pizza dough trays from Domino's stacked one on top of the other with brooms and mops suspended above them.

In the footage, pizza dough trays could be seen laying beneath hanging clothes, mops, and toilet brushes.

This is how @dominos India feeds us fresh pizza, he wrote after posting the mishap. Very repulsed. the city of Bangalore.

According to the Twitter user who submitted the pictures and News9, the Domino's restaurant in issue is situated on Hosa Road in Bengaluru.

The identical photos and videos were uploaded by Tushar, another Twitter user who questioned the cleanliness of the Dominos location.

 Photos from a Domino's location in Bengaluru, where cleaning mops were hung above trays of pizza dough, are what he wrote.

On the wall were clothing, mops, and toilet brushes, and the dough trays were set up underneath. Foodies are disgusted by this.