According to local officials, a burnt body was discovered hanging from a tree in Griffith Park in Los Angeles. The horrifying find was uncovered Tuesday afternoon close to the park's merry-go-round.

The victim's age, gender, and race are unknown, according to the authorities. According to NBC Los Angeles, the man was already dead when firefighters were called to the site.

"This is an inquiry into a death. We are assisting with the body's recovery, "The Los Angeles Times was informed by a LAFD spokesperson.

An inquiry into a death has been launched by the LAPD. With 4,210 acres located in the Los Feliz district of the city, Griffith Park is one of the country's biggest urban parks.

Not the first body has been found at the park this season. In April, the body of a hiker who had been missing for two weeks was discovered in a park, still with his pet dog by his side.

Oscar Alejandro Hernandez, 29, went missing on March 16 and was later discovered in a secluded part of Griffith Park. Raja, his golden retriever,

constantly accompanied his owner until his body was found, though he was weak but alive. Hernandez's body was taken from a cliff near 

the merry-go-round at the eastern end of the park by a search and rescue team using a helicopter. The Independent offers free newsletters tailored to 

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Tuesday, a body was discovered hanging from a tree next to the Griffith Park merry-go-round, close to the Los Angeles Zoo,

prompting authorities in Los Angeles to launch an investigation. At 12:31 local time, the Los Angeles Fire Department arrived on the scene. When the body was found, it was on fire.