Can I Sit in Jail instead of Paying a Ticket in the USA? Get all the details here in this story about the matter.

It's fairly easy. If you don't pay the fine, the court will issue an arrest order for you for failing to appear. 

The amount of the bail will be somewhat more than the original fine. Your driver's license will also likely be suspended in most states.

One day in the future, while conducting a traffic check or in some other unimportant interaction, a police officer comes across you. 

When he searches for your name, the warrant appears. He makes an arrest and registers you with the local jail. 

Once the judge sees you, he either decides to let you go with plans to make the necessary payments or sentence you to jail.

added court costs. You risk serving six months to a year in jail if you uphold your morals. before you're let go...

they will auction off your automobile (note or no) to pay the fines while your driver's license is still suspended.

If you are caught operating while your license is suspended again, it is a felony. Pay the fine; you might be given a payment schedule. 

You can agree to spend time in jail to pay traffic fines, but it will appear on your record. 

You may even receive community service to help you pay off the charge, depending on the judge's decision and the size of the fine.