Center suggested seclusion, rest, drinking lots of fluids, and using a hot water sponge to soothe discomfort and rashes.

To stop the spread of tomato flu, which has sickened more than 82 youngsters across the nation,

Center released a warning on Tuesday, according to PTI. Tomato flu, a variation of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease (HFMD), cannot be treated with only a specific drug.

But the Center advised seclusion, relaxation, drinking lots of fluids, and using a hot water sponge to relieve itching and rashes.

The majority of people who get tomato flu are youngsters under the age of 10, but it can also affect adults.

Children need to be taught about the indications, symptoms, and side effects of the illness, according to the Center.

 On May 6 of this year, Kerala's Kollam district announced the first case of tomato flu followed by the pandemic disease.

According to PTI, reports of the illness have so far come from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, and Odisha.

 A viral illness known as tomato flu or tomato fever gets its name from the tomato-shaped blisters that develop on affected people's body parts.

The signs and symptoms of tomato flu  go away after a few days, indicating that it is a self-limiting illness.

Centre claimed, despite the fact that the tomato flu virus exhibits symptoms that are comparable to those of other viral diseases.