Nasal vaccine gets go-ahead amid global Covid threat, all you need to know. Have a look on the story for this matter.

The nasal vaccine has been approved amid a rise in coronavirus cases around the world, and India is speeding up its vaccination campaign.

The nasal vaccine is thought to be superior to its injectable version........

The nasal vaccine has been approved in the midst of the global coronavirus outbreak as India ramps up its vaccination campaign.

Today, the nasal vaccine received approval from the expert group that reviews vaccines........

The significant action was taken as Prime Minister Narendra Modi presided over a Covid review meeting to gauge readiness.

For those who avoid injections, the nasal vaccine is a huge comfort. The nasal vaccine is thought to be superior to its injectable version.

Comparing nasal vaccinations to their injectable counterparts reveals significant advantages. Nasal vaccinations offer protection at the virus' entry

......locations, the nose or upper respiratory tract, in addition to being simple to store, distribute, and produce less waste.

The first intra-nasal COVID vaccination ever created for use in emergency conditions in people aged 18 and above was approved by India's Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) on December 1.

Both an inhalable vaccination and a nasal spray vaccine have received approval from China. Additionally, Iran and Russia have produced and used their own mucosal vaccines.