This story is included with the facts on From Gangster to Parliamentarian: The Story of Atiq Ahmad's Journey

During their five-day police remand, the legendary mafia-turned-politician Atiq Ahmad and his brother Ashraf were shot and

.......killed on Saturday in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, while being carried for a court-ordered medical examination.

The ascent of Atiq Ahmad to the status of a notorious criminal in the state of Uttar Pradesh, his political power, 

...........his selection as a Member of Parliament, and ultimately his collapse. As per reports from news.

Atiq Ahmad was born in 1962 and is from the Uttar Pradesh town of Shravasti. Shaista Praveen, who is presently evading capture, was his wife. 

Family Information: Ali, Umar, Ahmad, Asad, Ahzaan, and Abaan were the names of the five boys Atiq and Shaista had. 

Tragically, Asad is said to have died in a shootout with the Uttar Pradesh police on Friday in Jhansi.

Atiq's brother, Khalid Azim, also known as Ashraf, had previously held office as a Legislative Assembly (MLA) Member.

He entered politics in 1989 as an independent candidate and was elected to the MLA seat for Allahabad West (now Prayagraj).

Atiq Ahmad was elected to office for a fourth time in a row in 1996, this time as a Samajwadi Party member.