A female German diplomat has been arrested in Brazil for her husband's murder. Follow the story to know in details.

Brazilian police said the woman's husband was killed in a house in an upscale area of Rio de Janeiro on Friday pathetically.

The woman, a German diplomat by profession, tried hard to cover up the murder after the incident. But she failed to do so.

The German consul said the woman's husband was a Belgian citizen and had been ill since Friday night.

According to the police, the deceased had severe head injuries. After the postmortem, the whole matter will be clear to everyone.

The couple lived in a luxury residence on Ipanema Beach. It is believed that the man was severely beaten before his death.

Rio de Janeiro police chief Camila said there were some discrepancies in the forensic report with what Vicky said.

For this reason, the police realized the need to invest more deeply. They have to accumulated every clue and facts for the solution of the case.

It is learned that the victim screamed very loudly in the circumstances of his death. But can't resist the killing.

Many blood stains were found on the floor and furniture in the couple's residence. The police are looking into everything.

Brazilian media reports say that the police are sure to find out the real reason for the crime very soon after the proper inspection and investigation.