According to security analytics company Securonix, as part of a larger hacking attempt

Malware code was cunningly concealed in a copy of an image from the Webb Space Telescope. Lets get all the details here.

Though the Webb Space Telescope is providing views of the universe that have never been possible before, hackers are seeking to use the telescope's photos

Securonix exposed a hack employing SMACS 0723, the first full-color image from the Webb Space Telescope that was presented earlier this summer

The GO#WEBBFUSCATOR attack campaign is a highly sophisticated, multi-stage malware attack that aims to penetrate your machine.

The campaign is written in the programming language Go, also known as Golang, and Securonix claims that a rise in Go-based malware attacks

...It is to reverse engineer the language and/or how adaptable it can be when running on various platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The assault consists of a number of stages, and it starts with a phishing email that contains an attachment designed to look like it came from Microsoft Office

The file will then execute the download of an image file that looks like the SMACS 0723 image from the Webb Space Telescope.

The malware would then run random enumeration commands and send encrypted DNS queries to connect to C2 servers.

According to Bleeping Device, this is a typical first reconnaissance step for hackers to probe and prod at a targeted computer.