How to Use the Translate Feature on Google Pixel Buds: Utilize your headphones to access live translation.

This Story demonstrates how to use the Google Translate app and a pair of Google Pixel Buds to achieve live language translation.

With the Google Pixel Buds, you can translate the live dialogue. The Pixel Buds must be connected, and your phone must be unlocked with the home screen visible.

On your smartphone, you must have Google Assistant and Google Translate installed. Put one pair of Google Pixel Buds in each ear.

 Make sure the Google Pixel Buds are linked and your phone is unlocked. (By doing so, the home screen is shown.)

Say "Google help me speak Spanish" while keeping the right earbud pressed (or the language you want to speak).

You can then pass the phone to the person you will be conversing with and the Google Translate App will launch.

Talk in your native tongue while maintaining firm control of the right earbud. That will be translated into the target language by Google 

On the phone, the other person will converse in their own language. Through the Google Pixel Buds, Google will broadcast their discussion in your local tongue 

Through the Pixel Buds, Google Live Translate performs a fantastic job of interpreting spoken language.

The other party can comprehend what you are saying, even though the grammar is not always translated perfectly.