A video of an Indian American who was subjected to racial abuse and labelled a "parasite" and a "genocider" has gone popular on social media.

This is the third occasion in recent times that Indian Americans have experienced such racial abuse.

Undated video of an Indian man being pursued by an assailant who identifies as American and follows behind him while hurling racist epithets went viral on social media.

An American perpetrated the act in the European nation of Poland. In the video, the assailant identified himself as "White" and an American.

The attacker claimed that he had the right to film the Indian even though the Indian could be heard saying "Stop filming me" in the video.

The attacker could be heard asking, "Why are you in Poland." The man, who appeared to be Indian, asked, "Why are you recording me?"

Why are you in Poland, then? "In a video that was 2.11 minutes long, he made additional attacks.

 "Think you can just march into Poland? You have your own country. Why do you not return to your native country?

"Europeans are curious as to why you are entering a country that is predominantly made up of people of colour.

Why don't you create your own nation? You're acting parasitically, why? You are wiping out our race. You are trespassing.

Leave, you intruder. You are not welcome in Europe. Poland for only Polish. You are not a Pole "said he.